What is Legalosity?

Legalosity is an online service and marketplace for legal professionals to find jobs and educate themselves regarding the market. Our goal is to improve the hiring experience for both members and employers by using technology to simplify the sourcing process. This service is perfect for legal professionals seeking employment or just wanting a better understanding of the current market and how they compare to their peers.

Our platform adds transparency and improves communication, while lowering the cost associated with hiring. In short, no recruiters, no success fees and direct communication between members and employers.

How does it work?

A new member will complete an online profile that highlights his/her education and work experience. Once that profile has been created, Legalosity will create two "ANONYMOUS" profiles in addition to your main profile. Vetted employers will be provided access to search and filter one set of anonymous profiles. They will review the anonymous profiles and invite selected profile owners for further communication. When an employer adds a profile to its favorite's list, the member will be sent an email notifying him/her that an employer is interested.

The member can login and view the name of the employer and its message. Each member can accept or decline any invitation (members are still anonymous). If a member accepts an invitation, contact information is automatically exchanged between the employer and the member.

How do you keep it private and discreet?

Companies are only allowed to see your anonymous profile.  Your name, email, phone, salary, school name and resume are hidden from view unless you decide to reveal yourself to an employer.  Our website uses SSL encryption to secure data transferred from your computer to our server.

benefits - candidate members

Free Service
Three views: Full Profile, Client View (Anonymous), and Compare Profiles (Highly Anonymous)
Perfect for passive or active members
Discreetly explore opportunities
Companies come to you
Speak directly with employers
Your identity stays hidden until you choose to reveal yourself
Data and salary metrics

benefits - Employers

Total control of the process
No recruiters
No success or agency fees
Reduced cost / time per hire
Search and review member's anonymous profiles 24/7/365.
Multiple pricing options
Excellent customer service
Additional sourcing support available
Data and salary metrics